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How does it work?

Many philosophies and spiritual practices across the globe share a belief in a universal life energy that flows through us. One way to describe this energy is ‘Source Consciousness’ – the ever-present wisdom and energy of the universe that is boundless and pure. When we are in harmony with this energy, our energy is flowing at its peak, and we experience our most authentic self. But when the energy is blocked, we can experience pain, stress, illness or unhappiness. These blocks may manifest as inexplicable injuries, ailments, or habits that do not respond to traditional treatment.

In my role as healer, I serve as a point of concentration and a compassionate conduit for the healing life force energy to flow to where it is needed. I do not diagnose imbalances in a person’s energy field nor do I attempt to consciously re-pattern their energetic system. The energy goes exactly where it is most needed because it is part of a conscious system. The inherent intelligence of the receiver’s body knows what is needed and directs the life force to the highest priority. I am able to act as the conduit for that energy because our energy fields are part of an interconnected conscious whole. Through focused intention, this energy can help stimulate and magnify the recipients own natural healing capacity.












































"What comes through you into this world is extraordinary"


I am deeply honored to be named a finalist in About.com's Readers Choice Award for Holistic Healing 2012 & 2013. To read what people are saying, please visit: Readers Choice Award





















































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