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What will I receive from a session?

As with any healing art, the results will vary greatly depending on the intentions and needs of the recipient.  The general goal is to restore balance & harmony such that the recipient leaves the session with a renewed sense of clarity, centeredness & empowerment to live their fullest potential. Intuitive reading compliments the energetic aspect of the healing by enabling people to become more aware of unconscious or unacknowledged energetic themes and can support the process of growth and healing on a more conscious level.

This may require only one session or several depending on the nature of the intentions set by the recipient and the scope of their needs. 

Pravaha Energy Healing & InsightTM may help you:

  • Relieve physical or emotional pain
  • Gain greater perspective on your life and choices
  • Release negative patterns
  • Sleep easily and peacefully
  • Feel calm, centered, and inspired
  • Align with your full potential


  • Pravaha Energy Healing & InsightTM can be very subtle and also quite powerful & profound
  • It is a gentle, non invasive process in which the recipient chooses how much s/he wants to receive, & is a collaborator in the healing process
  • Pravaha Energy Healing & InsightTM works on all levels: mental, emotional, physical & spiritual
  • It is compatible with all belief systems & enhances all other healing methods
  • It is not meant to replace any other healing modalities but to enhance the capacity of the recipient to receive healing energy

Pravaha Energy Healing & Insight TM works in conjunction with medical therapy and is not a substitute for it.












































"Within every human being there are Gods and Goddesses in embryo with only one desire. They want to be born." - Deepak Chopra


I am deeply honored to be named a finalist in About.com's Readers Choice Award for Holistic Healing 2012 & 2013. To read what people are saying, please visit: Readers Choice Award



































































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