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Click here to watch a video testimonial regarding how Pravaha Energy Healing can help you to feel more peaceful and empowered pre and post surgery

"Maura embodies a radiant energy and peaceful balance. Her sessions create a unique space for reflection, healing and insight. The combination of energy work with collaborative, insight-oriented conversation is something I had never experienced before. I found that the blending of these modalities brought me a sense of spaciousness. I felt both an easing of tension in my body and an opening to new ways of moving through familiar struggles. I also appreciated that Maura's manner was inherently respectful--both of the intentions I had brought to the session and of my own healing capacity within. "
- Caryn, Somerville, MA

"Having gone to a variety of complementary healers including acupuncture and massage, I cannot say enough about my experience with Maura. She combines a unique style of energy work with intuitive psychic guidance. The experience is profound and life altering. Having arrived at her office directly from work, I was stressed and unfocused. Her calm, soothing energy immediately put me in a deep state of relaxation and allowed me to transcend the stress of work. Her energy work and then her intuitive guidance opened my heart and allowed me to breathe deeply again. She provided much needed guidance and energetic support. I left feeling revived, inspired and able to see past the demands of life and listen to my heart again. I would recommend her for either a series of successive sessions as a way of opening up a new view of your life or for a focused visit in times where your energy seems unbalanced. You will be very happy you did."
- Alice, Cambridge, MA

"Maura is a warm and healing presence, I felt comfortable the moment I walked in. Although under the direct care of an endocrinologist, for Graves Disease, I've tried several alternative modalities seeking balance and restoration. Shortly after my treatment with Maura, I had my regular 6 week appointment with my Endocrinologist, who reported my thyroid levels as "normal" and took me off the medication. In the past two years, my levels have gone high and low, but this is the first time they are at a "normal" level. "
- Amanda, Santa Monica, CA

"Rarely does relief come as a surprise. If I have a problem, I seek help and expect results. But I was surprised at the relief I felt after my treatment with Maura. I walked in with radiant facial pain from a lingering sinus infection. I didn't think I had anything else to work on, so I focused on that. What I found when I left was a profound calm, most notable for its contrast to how I realized I'd been feeling when I walked in. For the next full week, I slept better than I have in years. I firmly believe that the treatment helped me where I most needed it. I also found Maura's input at the end of the session fascinating. I would encourage anyone seeking healing to see Maura, and just enter into it with an open mind. It was an amazing experience, in ways I had not at all expected."
-Janelle, Boston, MA

"I feel so restored from the work that Maura and I did. It is a collaborative process that helped me to recognize my own power to be intuitive and to heal. The recuperative effects of the session are still with me. I will continue to work with Maura because I found the energy the work gives me to be longer lasting than any other self care I have tried."
- Jenna, Arlington, MA

I felt extremely relaxed and focused after my session with Maura- all of the stress and mental clutter that had been consuming me just melted away. Maura's style is really warm and nurturing- this was my first time having energy work done and I felt completely safe and knew what to expect every step of the way. My favorite part of the experience was the conversation we had afterwards, when I got to hear Maura's thoughts and feelings during the session. Her insights and comments were fascinating, sensitive and extremely helpful- I took notes and am still thinking about it!
- Johana, Somerville, MA

"Maura has a unique approach to energetic healing.  She is able to intuitively locate points of pain and remove blockages.  During my session I felt safe and comfortable in her care.  Besides stimulating my chakras, she was able to provide valuable insight.  Both during and after her treatment, I felt completely relaxed because of her honest, open approach.  I highly recommend Maura’s style and technique."
- Judd, Belmont, Ma

"Maura has a wonderful soothing and calm personality that compliments her powerful energy healing sessions.  When I was in a session with her I had revelations that were profound and very meaningful.  Afterwards, when we discussed the experience, her insightful wisdom hit the nail on the head and helped to clarify the information I received.  As a fellow energy worker myself, I truly appreciate the professional and accurate caliber of the way she does her work.  I know I will return to her for more sessions and tap into that relaxed centered space I need! 
- Laura, Belmont, MA

"The first time I was introduced to Maura's energy work, I felt an amazing sense of clarity and peace in both mind and body. Maura's uncanny ability to assist and enhance my awareness has helped me to release, unfold and surrender to a deep "inner knowing". I am so grateful for her intuitive and individual approach, which continues to nourish and support me in where and how I want to be in my life."
- Taylor, Boston, MA

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"Make yourself so happy, that by looking at you, other people become happy." - Yogi Bhajan


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